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*bethylicious* [entries|friends|calendar]
bethy d. ashford

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weekend [24 Feb 2007|12:28pm]
Thursday night we went to party it up at Amber's place.. it was some good fun, despite a few things.. grr. And last night me and Holly went to watch my cousin Evan's hockey game.. they are in the Iron Range hockey tournament this weekend.. they are from Appleton. They won with a shut out.. 6-0.. then we went back to Holl's house and I cooked us a great meal. Tonight me and her are going to the Outlook dance.. I am excited about it.. it will be some fun. I went to Evan's game this morning at 8AM.. I got like 4 hours asleep and I'm still running.. ugh.. lol. They beat Mqt.. 7-1.. there was one rough housing fucker on that team.. he caused a lot of problems and hurt one of the players on my cousin's team.. damnit. Today they have another game at 3:30 which I am going to go too.
I got my tattoo redone.. so we'll see how that turns out after it heals up and everything. I'm waiting for that job interview that is on Monday... I hope I get the job because I reallyyyy, reallllyyyy want it! So wish me luck. Alrighty.. that's it.
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he walks among us, but he is not one of us. [22 Feb 2007|12:34am]
[ mood | happy ]

Well, I got my tattoo retouched up today.. if it even looks shitty after this I'm going kick someone's ass... never again will I get a tattoo from there, I haven't been happy with any of them because they had to get retouched up everytime.. fuckity fuck fuck. I'm watching "10 things I hate about you" right now.. good movie.. I just watched Harry Potter 4 before that.. yay. I can't wait for July.. my favorite month ever with my favorite Holiday of Fourth of July.. nothing to do with the fucking stupid USA, its just because fireworks rock and you get real trashed that dayyy.. ha ha. And also because of the fact that the Harry Potter 5 movie comes out on July 13th and then the last book, number 7 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows comes out on me and Holly's 4th anniversary of July 21.. wow, what a great month.
Was the weather awesome today.. yay.. keep it up.. no more SNOW ever. I watched American Idol and LOST tonight with Holly.. it was fun.. I love her!! LOST was amazing.. as usual.. I want moreeeeeeee though!!! lol. I hate this once a week shit.. LOST should be on every night of the week!!! :) Well, that is all.

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bethy's tabula rasa. [21 Feb 2007|03:18am]
[ mood | tired ]

Gahhhh... was that a bitch and a half to delete all my old entries on here.. it took me like 2 hours just to do that alone. I just wanted to clean out my journal of old memories.. whether they were good or even bad... I just wanted to start new with a clean slate.. or what "Tabula Rasa" means. But it took for fucking ever to do that because this website is that great on deleting posts all at once.. so that really sucked ass. My hand is sore from clicking the mouse sooooo damn much.. who knew I had sooo many fricken entries in this damn journal. lol. It feels good, I feel like parts of my life were deleted so I never have to read or think abou thtem ever again. I also wanted to deleted entries to make myself feel better because life is better than before and there is nothing left to hide. And by the way.... Yes, I am gay.. so everyone can get over that now. I been with my beautiful girlfriend for well over 3 years now.. will be 4 on July 21.. so if you don't know that.. now you do and can't judge me because I been with her when you didn't know. There is absolutely nothing different about me.. I am the same old person that I always once was.. I am proud and so very in love.. so I would appreciate if you were happy for me as well. I am who I am.. your approval is not needed. I love you Hollywobbles!<3 Don't judge anyone before you know them... or I might break your fingers ever so slowly! ;)

So anywho.. in my life now.. I've decided to make a few changes.. I will leave that to myself.. but just know that. I am currently trying to find a job.. been to about 4 interviews and nothing back.. damnit. I think I might have something in the bag.. so I will just have to wait and see. I had gotten my 11th tattoo.. my tribal hip piece.. it needs a touch up because it wasn't done tooo great.. but it will look a lot better after tomorrow. I am going to school for Cosmetology in the fall, for those who don't know that yet.. yes, no more nursing for me. That was my mother's choice in career for me because she wanted me to be a nurse like my sister.. I thought I might do it too.. but it was just not for me. And, I'm so glad I realized that and that I'm going to be going to school for me and something that I would like to do. I guess everything else is good with me... I just have a few issues (in me) that I need to cancle my subscriptions too! ;) And, I guess that is about it for now. Until next time kiddos.

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