bethy d. ashford (bethyboo42) wrote,
bethy d. ashford


Thursday night we went to party it up at Amber's place.. it was some good fun, despite a few things.. grr. And last night me and Holly went to watch my cousin Evan's hockey game.. they are in the Iron Range hockey tournament this weekend.. they are from Appleton. They won with a shut out.. 6-0.. then we went back to Holl's house and I cooked us a great meal. Tonight me and her are going to the Outlook dance.. I am excited about it.. it will be some fun. I went to Evan's game this morning at 8AM.. I got like 4 hours asleep and I'm still running.. ugh.. lol. They beat Mqt.. 7-1.. there was one rough housing fucker on that team.. he caused a lot of problems and hurt one of the players on my cousin's team.. damnit. Today they have another game at 3:30 which I am going to go too.
I got my tattoo redone.. so we'll see how that turns out after it heals up and everything. I'm waiting for that job interview that is on Monday... I hope I get the job because I reallyyyy, reallllyyyy want it! So wish me luck. Alrighty.. that's it.
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